Startup Hartsville Competition


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The 2018 StartUp Hartsville Competition will launch on January 8, 2018.  Check back here for more details, and sign up for our newsletter to get updates in your inbox.


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The Startup Hartsville competition offers funds and other incentives to help local entrepreneurs establish their own businesses in Hartsville.

Businesses eligible for the competition include ideas for new startups, franchises, re-locations of existing businesses from other communities, as well as established Hartsville businesses looking to significantly expand into additional business concepts.

The competition has been run for three years in a row and we are excited to begin year 4 of the Competition, on January 8, 2018



StartUp Hartsville is an entrepreneurial startup competition for the purpose of generating business growth in Hartsville. At the same time, the competition provides regional entrepreneurs a means to advance their desire to expand or open a new business. Business concepts eligible for the competition include:


Application and Selection Process Overview

Along the way, Startsville will be there to help all applicants develop a sound business model, construct a business plan, and refine their pitch.

More details to come!